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Website Backdoor Scripts Leverage the Pastebin Service

2015-01-07T20:22:00-11:00 – Wednesday, January 07, 2015 – Mohit KumarĀ – The popular copy and paste website ‘Pastebin‘ created a decade ago for software developers and even by hackers groups to share source code, dumps and stolen data, has more recently been leveraged by cyber criminals to target millions of users. Compromising a website and then hosting malware on it has… Read more →

How to take a measured approach to automated penetration testing

Automated penetration testing can play a pivotal role in improving the pen testing process while reducing the resources required, yet without the proper approach it may be a complete waste of time. Overwhelmed with penetration testing? Many people are. The tide of penetration testing requirements in the name of PCI DSS, business partner and customer demands, or similar obligations is… Read more →

Automated Penetration Testing for Enterprises

The automated penetration test plays an important role in the security professional’s toolkit. As part of a comprehensive security program, these tools can quickly evaluate the security of systems, networks and applications against a wide variety of threats. But security pros should view them as a supplement, rather than a replacement, for traditional manual testing techniques. What is automated penetration… Read more →